​​Here are some of the services we provide to our clients:

· Hooking up local services (utilities, cable/satellite, telephone, etc.)

· Identifying local schooling requirements/options

· Identifying local child-care services

· Finding the right neighborhood: reviewing the characteristics of various neighborhoods

· Finding the right home: 

      rental or ownership; stand-alone home or townhome, apartment; local condominiums

· Helping find the right shops, decorating services, etc.

· Identifying local professional services

     (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, massage therapists, accountants, etc.)

· Identifying local cultural, recreational and cultural organizations

Take the stress out of your chores.  Call on us to assist you with:

· Day-to-day errands and grocery shopping

· Image consultation and personal shopping
· Arranging for meal services
· Ensuring appropriate home management (cleaning, washing/drying)
· Ensuring that the bills are paid
· Periodic visits to ensure everything is ok
· Arranging for tours and visits
· Gift purchasing and wrapping
· Home watch service

· Transportation arrangements (rentals, purchases, limousine services)
· Complementary health services (chiropractors, massage therapists, massage services)
· Local insurance providers (automobiles, possessions, structures)
· Home decorating services (repairs, painting, custom woodworking, landscaping, renovations)


We are here to serve you! The smooth integration of new families or new employees into Peterborough or a surrounding community is important for the impression that the process leaves on everyone about how they will adjust and enjoy the community they are entering. For employees, it may also affect their ability to focus immediately on their duties. Well-designed concierge services (personal or business oriented) can greatly facilitate the speed of transition to a new environment and ease the stress of relocation for employees, their families and new residents. 

Take the stress out of relocation. Call on us to assist you!