Our concierge services include personalized advice on a range of matters, such as:

· Schooling options

· Child-care services

· Transportation arrangements (rentals, purchases, limousine services)

·  Insurance providers (supplementary health, automobile, possessions)

·  Preparing key documents (e.g., marriage certificates, academic or other credentials, police

   clearances, etc.)

·  Securing photographs (with the right background where necessary)

·  Housing arrangements/options, the pros and cons of potential locations

·  Arranging utilities and services for TV and computers

·  Where to buy supplies, equipment and furnishings of various kinds

·  Home decorating services

·  Securing a driver’s license

·  Locating a doctor, dentist or other health-related service

·  Finding expatriate associations

·  Fitness clubs

·  Lifestyle options in Doha

·  Cultural sensitivities.


HELPING-HANDS Peterborough Concierge Services addresses the integration needs of new employees. These services begin with:

·  A dialogue with the employer to determine what assistance it will provide to the new
   employee and the employee’s family; and

·  A personal meeting with the new employee to determine the particular
   circumstances, needs and preferences of themselves and their families.